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Level Crossing Removal Project - Update #1

Dear Interested Community Members,

I have attached an update on the level crossing removal project.

Since late last year, through our submissions, we have been constructive and put forward well thought out and cost effective design improvements to the LXRP team.

I'm afraid to say, the consultation process has seemed a sham, lacking any serious consideration of the submissions made. Unfortunately we are faced with a plan that will be quite damaging to our suburbs, for now and future generations.

What can you do?

The attached flyer presents a broad summary of our concerns.

As well as contacting Paul Hamer MP and Hon Jacinta Allan MP, could I please ask you to forward this email and attachment to people you know in 3127 and beyond who you think would be interested and invite them to join our mailing list (we will then be able to keep them informed about the project).

The purpose of communicating now is to raise awareness to the downsides of this project, to cut through the spin, see behind the artist's impressions and alert people to the issues we see.

The more people who speak up, the more likely the government will listen. We have only one chance to get this right, something we owe future generations.

Thank you!

best wishes,

Greg Buchanan

(on behalf of the Surrey Hills Progress Association - for Mont Albert & Surrey Hills postcode 3127)

Useful links

Join our mailing list, go to

Email Jacinta Allan Transport minister

SHPA Level crossing update 6 Aug 21
Download PDF • 1.42MB


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