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Heritage Overlays


Over the past six years the SHMAPA has supported the Boroondara Council in its commitment to engage with our community in striving for protection and enhancement of the natural and built environment in order to achieve the objective that the character of our neighbourhoods is protected and improved.


Prior to the assessment of the heritage value of Surrey Hills there was precious little protection in place. Over the last six years the whole of Surrey Hills within the City of Boroondara has been assessed for protection by the application of appropriate heritage overlays. The first areas evaluated were north of Canterbury Road, including the Union Road commercial precinct. The incorporation of Amendment C177 as part of the Boroondara Planning Scheme in 2017, completes the long held need for appropriate heritage overlays to be applied to appropriate areas of Surrey Hills. The amendment introduces a Heritage Overlay to three (3) precincts (445 properties) and ten (10) individual properties, based on the Surrey Hills South Residential Precincts Heritage Study.

In all Surrey Hills has eight heritage overlays and numerous heritage places now recognised and protected in Surrey Hills.


The Boroondara Council has produced a useful fact sheet which explains the concept of a heritage overlay and its implications for property owners and developers. The following is an extract from the Boroondara Heritage Fact Sheet:


What is a Heritage Overlay?


A Heritage Overlay is a town planning control contained within the Boroondara Planning Scheme (Clause 43.01). The control is applied to either individual heritage places or heritage precincts. The purpose of the Heritage Overlay is to conserve and enhance heritage places and to ensure that any development does not adversely affect the significance of a heritage place.


How are Heritage Places listed in a Heritage Overlay?

Heritage places in the Heritage Overlay are either listed individually or listed as part of a heritage precinct. Heritage places in a heritage precinct are graded either ‘significant’, ‘contributory’ or ‘non-contributory’.


‘Significant heritage places’: are places of State, municipal or local cultural heritage significance that are individually important in their own right.


‘Contributory heritage places’: are places that contribute to the cultural heritage significance of a precinct. They are not considered to be individually important however when combined with other heritage places, they play an integral role in demonstrating the cultural heritage significance of a precinct.


‘Non-contributory heritage places’: are places within a heritage precinct that have no identifiable cultural heritage significance. They are included within a Heritage Overlay because any development of the place may impact on the cultural heritage significance of the precinct or adjacent ‘significant’ or ‘contributory’ heritage places.


Further information is available from:-

·Strategic Planning Department: Telephone: 9278 4815, Email:


Maps for all of the Heritage Overlays are available from

(Note Maps 10 and 14 apply to Surrey Hills) and

(Note Maps 1 and 4 apply to Surrey Hills)


Further details of demolition and building restrictions are available from

Clause 22.03 Heritage Policy for Boroondara and

Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay for Whitehorse.

Index Map of Boroondara Heritage overlays

Maps 10 and 14 apply to Surrey Hills

Index Map of Whitehorse Heritage Overlays

Maps 1 and 4 apply to Surrey Hills

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