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Increasing Community Amenity

Working Bees - Landscaping/Painting around the Surrey Hills station and Union Road precinct

In conjunction with Council, we have worked to:

  • clean up the Station environs   

  • plant new shrubs along banks and in garden beds

  • paint the retaining wall and fencing.

We have worked with VicTrack, Council & the Neighbourhood Centre to:

  • erect planter boxes on the station platforms – unfortunately these were subsequently damaged and replaced with timber or thicker grade steel planters

  • establish a pedestrian crossing in the northern station car park across to the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre Cottage on Bedford Avenue    

  • place pedestrian way-finding signs and directional poles – these are located the corner of Bedford Avenue and Union Road and Windsor Crescent

  • develop maps of the Union Road shopping precinct - these are located in the courtyard of the Neighbourhood Centre and in the railway station car park

  • reproduce heritage pickets and Mayfair signs at the railway crossing

  • design and fund two heritage signs at either end of the Union Road Shopping Precinct, located at the junctions of Canterbury and Union Roads and Montrose Street and Union Road

Station Environs
Pedestrian Crossing in Station Carpa
Pedestrian way finding signs
Maps of Union Road shopping centre
Heritage pickets and Mayfair signs
Surrey Hills station by night
Heritage Sign
Reducing Graffiti

Increasing amenity and reducing graffiti through commissioned Street Art

In 2016 and 2017 nostalgic murals were commissioned for two walls in Union Road, Surrey Hills. 

SHPA worked closely with Boroondara Council to secure a Graffiti Grant through the Department of Justice and, with additional contributions from local businesses and SHPA members, raised the necessary funds to commission the two works for Surrey Hills.  Surrey Hills has a rich heritage and we believe that these are a means of bringing part of this to life. Further plaques to interpret the murals and additional panels on other buildings are being planned. These initiatives enable residents and visitors to gain an understanding of our suburb and its history, to share stories and enjoy our heritage. Since this time, several traders have also commissioned murals by the same artist on both internal and external spaces of their premises.

Railway Mural

The railway mural along Bedford Avenue is a nostalgic reference to the coming of the railway to Surrey Hills and the sense of joy that came with the end of the Second World War.  It  was designed and painted by artist Simon White, who spent time in Surrey Hills as a child. He was commissioned by the Association as part of ongoing beautification and heritage initiatives in our neighbourhood. 

Pioneering Residents

The second mural acknowledges three of Surrey Hills’ pioneering residents, John Butler Maling, Susannah Sarovich and Thomas Hogg and followed consultation with the owner of the property and descendants of the three families. This was also designed and painted by artist Simon White.

Railway Mural
Railway Mural
Railway Mural extension
Mural artist
Pioneering Residents
Increasing public awareness of our history – installation of Station and Union Road Heritage Boards

We worked with the Surrey Hills Historical Society and the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre Heritage Collection to initially produce 7 heritage plaques (Stage 1) featuring old photos with relevant historical detail. These were developed with the assistance of a Boroondara community grant and installed at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, J&V Warren Smith Auto, around the Surrey Hills Station (Platform 2), on the former Surrey Hall and on ‘Dartnell’s Pharmacy’ building. In stage 2, further panels were added to the former ANZ Bank (Interdrape) site, the former NewLitho (Coles) site and the former Surrey Theatre (Vintage Cellars) site.

Heritage Board
Heritage Board
Heritage Board
Heritage Board
Heritage Board
Heritage Board
Heritage Board
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