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Recent Applications for Planning Permit (lodged with Council from March 2020)




16/03/20     PP20/0208       72 Essex Road, Surrey Hills                  New Dwelling

23/03/20     PP20/0221       22 Scheele Street, Surrey Hills             Two Dwellings

30/03/20     PP20/0231       109 Middlesex Road, Surrey Hills        Additions

17/04/20     PP20/0275       332 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills       Two Dwellings

23/04/20     PP20/0298       13 Sunbury Crescent, Surrey Hills        Additions

14/05/20     PP20/0387       40 Guildford Road, Surrey Hills            Additions

26/05/20     PP20/0431       46 Guildford Road, Surrey Hills            Additions

29/05/20     PP20/0444       222 Mont Albert Road, Surrey Hills     New Dwelling

01/06/20     PP20/0446       14 Kingston Road, Surrey Hills             Additions

08/06/20     PP20/0466       43 Durham Road, Surrey Hills              Additions

09/06/20     PP20/0469       10 Vincent Street, Surrey Hills              Additions        

14/06/20     PP20/0490       1 Surrey Avenue, Surrey Hills               Additions

18/06/20     PP20/0515       7 Robinson Road, Surrey Hills              New Dwelling (site of ex scout hall)

19/06/20     PP20/0529       946 Riversdale Road, Surrey Hills         Four 2 Storey Dwellings

29/06/20     PP20/0559       219 Prospect Hill Rd, Surrey Hills         Additions

07/07/20     PP20/0576       42 Warrigal Road, Surrey Hills              Additions

10/07/20     PP20/0599       74 Durham Road, Surrey Hills              Additions

13/07/20     PP20/0615       456A Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills        Additions        

Note:                 This list does not include applications for tree removal, subdivisions (where they relate to a completed development) or other more minor applications.


                         If you see an item on the list that you think the SHPA should investigate and assess, let us know and we will take that up with the relevant planning officer – at least to ensure we are made aware when that particular application is publicly advertised.


                         This list also does not include requests made to amend existing planning permits and endorsed plans. This is another category of application that we obviously need to be aware of and track as best we can. Normally such requests are also publicly advertised where the changes are of more than a minor nature.

Further information may be obtained from

Planning Permit Applications

Boroondara - Surrey Hills

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