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Improvements to Surrey Gardens and The Shrine

Improvements to Surrey Gardens & The Shrine

Improvements to date


In conjunction with the City of Boroondara, a number of improvements have been made or advanced in Surrey Gardens and around The Shrine.  These include:

  • replacement of broken bluestone tiles and the repainting of The Shrine exterior – financed by SHPA and achieved prior to Anzac Day in 2015 to ensure The Shrine looked it’s best for the Dawn Service.

  • a new demountable flagpole was installed at The Shrine

  • new heritage lighting was installed by Council throughout the gardens which significantly improved the appearance of the gardens and increased safety after dark

  • a new more substantial sundial was installed as a replacement for one vandalised in 2016.
    Funds for the project were supplied by an incentive payment of $1000 from the Bendigo Bank, donated to SHPA members Justin and Melissa Begg.

Shrine Conservation project in process


Although minor repairs have been made in the past, at nearly 100 years old The Shrine in Surrey Gardens needs to be maintained in good order to continue to be a fitting monument to the residents of Surrey Hills who fought and those that gave their lives in the Great War of 1914 to 1918.


Works are required to address issues relating to:

  • the exterior fabric of the building

  • the interior finishes of the building, including conservation of the Blogg carvings

  • updating of the lists of service personnel on the Honour Roll.


It has become apparent that the panels listing service personnel currently contain a significant number of spelling errors and the omission of many eligible names. A detailed investigation has been undertaken by a local Surrey Hills resident, Sandra Dexter. Sandra’s research also includes a list of local nurses who served in WW1.Their service has previously gone unrecognised.


An updated Honour Board will more accurately reflect the service of men and women from this community. The SHPA has worked with and supported the Boroondara Council in seeking funds to conserve and update the interior fabric of the Shrine. The Council has been successful in obtaining a grant of $20,000 from the State Government under the Restoring Community Memorials grants program and it is anticipated that conservation work will commence in the near future.


Further funds are being sought from the Federal Government under the Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program. These will address conservation issues relating to the exterior fabric of The Shrine.


Replacement of tiles on the roof and repainting of exterior


Replacement of sundial vandalised in 2016

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