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Submissions to the LXRP from Boroondara and Whitehorse Councils, SH and MA Traders ,BBUG, MEBUG

Please click on the links below to access submissions to the LXRP from Boroondara Council, Whitehorse Council, Surrey Hills Traders, Mont Albert Traders and Stationeers, Boroondara Bicycle Users Group (BBUG) and Metro East Bicycle User Group (MEBUG).

Boroondara Council submission to the LXR
Download • 1.35MB

Download PDF • 2.98MB

SHPA - LXRP Surrey Hills Traders Submiss
Download • 2.84MB

Mont Albert Traders and Stationeers Subm
Download • 531KB

2021-02-03 BBUG submission to LXRP
Download PDF • 736KB

Paul Hamer Elgar bridge Feb2021
Download PDF • 86KB


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