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Please help as the Mont Albert station building is at risk

The Mont Albert station building is at risk. Don't let it face the same fate as the historic Cheltenham station buildings.

Cheltenham had its level crossing removed with the new station opened on 16 August 2020. Residents were told their heritage station buildings would be carefully dismantled, put into storage and re-homed to take pride of place near the new station.

The reality is very different. The heritage buildings are in fact deteriorating under a tarpaulin on a golf course at Sandringham. See above photos.

We cannot risk the same fate for the Mont Albert Station building.

Please use the template letter below and adapt to suit your needs and email the following people:

Minister for Transport Infrastructure

our local Member of Parliament

LXRP Program Director

SHPA Template Letter - Mont Albert Station
Download DOCX • 811KB

Please also complete the Whitehorse Council survey by 22nd August. Please note you do not need to be a Whitehorse resident to complete this survey.

It's happened before, please don't let it happen again.


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