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Level Crossing Removal Project - Update #3

Our most recent flyer is attached, this one about trees threatened by the project.

Construction of the long trench through Mont Albert and Surrey Hills will impact trees next to the railway line - due to excavation and direct construction impacts.

Many trees can also be saved and not needlessly removed. They are the trees that must be protected.

The environmental, climate and health benefits of mature trees are well known. The character of the area is also very much about the established tree canopy, the streetscapes and gardens.

We need you to be part of the campaign to save trees:

Lorne Parade Reserve - Established as public open space in 1907 this reserve will see the heavy footprint of a new railway station. There are at least nine magnificent canopy trees in the park set well back from the railway line. It is the statue of these trees, their overhang and history; they are irreplaceable and must be kept;

Sunbury Crescent, Beresford Street & Lorne Parade - These streets contain long stretches of mature trees, many directly impacted by the project. We need to ask the it really necessary to remove all these trees? The need to provide space for replanting will also be critical in these areas;

Churchill Street, Mont Albert - This long established avenue of trees sits within a heritage streetscape. The history, continuity and landscape beauty of this avenue must be protected;

Street trees & individual trees - Some of these trees are in the station car park (for example eucalypts and oak trees), along Windsor Crescent (where a bike path threatens mature oak trees) or in side streets and on main roads, like Mont Albert Road (potentially impacted by the movement of heavy machinery, materials and other vehicle traffic associated with the project).

Please email our local MP Paul Hamer

Please email the Minister for Transport Infrastructure

SHPA Level crossing update Tree 16 Sep 21 (2) (1)
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