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Dubious claims by LXRP that three local schools, a church and reservoir are now parkland.

This link is to the latest advice from the Level Crossing Removal Project (the government agency who will deliver this project) about vegetation removal.

It is clear from the map that the LXRP will remove trees well beyond the actual work site.

The LXRP track record with regard to trees suggests they go further than necessary, they don't hold back! They also don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

The attached map, erroneously, shows the Surrey Hills Primary School, the Holy Redeemer Parish School, Chatham Primary School and the Melbourne Water owned reservoir, as parkland.

To summarise, the map shows:

100+ year old heritage oak trees in Windsor Crescent will be removed

All the trees in Lorne Parade Reserve (with possibly one exception) will be removed. Other significant canopy trees away from the trench will be lost.

Beresford St, Lorne Pde and Sunbury Cres street trees (on the residential side) are now impacted and may all be removed

Beatty Street playground and all large trees may be removed

Street trees near the Mont Albert Station, including heritage peppercorn trees and cherry blossom trees will be removed and

Churchill Street's heritage and commemorative avenue of street trees is likely to be wiped out under this plan

The so-called 'fact sheet' also says 80% of the trees in the project area will be retained; a dubious call based on a much larger area that extends into Canterbury and Box Hill.

We invite you to look at the LXRP plan and draw your own conclusions.

It is time for Paul Hamer MP, Member for Box Hill and Chair of the Community Reference Group (CRG) for this project, together with the State Government Minister, Jacinta Allan, to bring the LXRP to the table to justify their heavy handed and dismissive approach to trees.

The Level Crossing Removal Project, the government agency who will deliver this project, has refused to meet with us to discuss trees.

We need your help before it is too late. Write to Paul Hamer or call Paul's office on 9898 6606


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