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Don't let the State Government turn our trees into bark chips!

Our level crossings will be removed at Surrey Hills and Mont Albert with the construction of a rail trench. Whilst construction isn't due to commence until next year, early works will commence soon. The Level Crossing Removal (LXRP), the state government agency tasked with delivering the project, recently released information about vegetation removal at Surrey Hills and Mont Albert. This tells us that vegetation removal may be imminent.

Please see the attached flyer. It can be enlarged on screen. Alternatively, a larger version can be seen using the link

We would like to form a Tree Protection Group as soon as possible. We know that we can't possibly expect to save all of the trees in our neighbourhood but there are many that are worth saving. Of particular note

  • Lorne Parade Reserve – Established as public open space around 1907 the reserve will remain zoned for public open space after the project has been completed, even though the heavy footprint of a new railway station threatens its useability and character. We recommend 9 trees within the park, and 3 mature oak trees on the Windsor Crescent nature strip to be retained. These nine trees are magnificent canopy trees and it is their statue, overhang and history that makes the character of the park what it is, they are irreplaceable and must be kept

  • Sunbury Crescent, Beresford Street & Lorne Parade – These three streets contain long stretches of various mature trees, many which are likely to require removal. The need to provide space for replanting is critical in these areas

  • Churchill Street, Mont Albert - This long established avenue of trees sits within a heritage streetscape. The continuity and landscape beauty of this avenue and its location well beyond the proposed trench makes it so surprising that they are now threatened by the project.

  • Individual and small groups of other mature trees - Some of these trees may be in a station carpark (for example the mature eucalypts and oak trees at Surrey Hills) or they may be in a street potentially impacted by heavy machinery and vehicle traffic associated with the project e.g. Beatty Street, Mont Albert.

  • Please email if you would like to join a Tree Protection Group. You do not need to be a member of the Surrey Hills Progress Association and there is no obligation to join. We have started documenting trees we believe should be retained in our neighbourhood and would like your assistance.


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