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GARDENING BEE at the Salvation Army Hall

GARDENING BEE at the Salvation Army Hall 26th August 2018.

By Lynette Giddings, Chief Taskmaster.

Thank you to members from SHPA and the Salvation Army Church Chinese Corps for attending the Gardening Day. Excellent teamwork was shown today (even if I needed to get the whip out at one stage... Haha!).

Thanks to our generous Hosts Amy & Alan for the delicious ‘Arvo Tea’.

The weather was kind to us and it allowed us to move and spread 4 cubic metres of mulch into the gardens. We planted about 2 dozen indigenous plants (Thanks to Euan for buying those on behalf of SHPA) and some succulents and hardy bulbs in parts of the garden where it is drier.

It was remiss of me not to thank our SHPA Guest Gardener Lyn Hayward for her hard work and great shovelling skills.

I might mention that Ewan Warmsley wasn’t in the group photo because he had just left when we remembered to take photos for inclusion on the SHPA website.

Shame we didn’t take an earlier photo of the MOUNTAIN of mulch before we moved it.

Grateful thanks to The Tree Company for supply and delivery of the mulch and to Geoff White for supplying and delivering bags of native planting mix.

We accomplished everything we planned and were finished by 4pm.

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