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Surrey Hills Shopping Centre Union Road Improvement Plan

The City of Boroondara has developed a Shopping Centre Improvement Plan, which identifies streetscape improvement opportunities at 42 shopping centres across the municipality.

Council is pleased to advise that Surrey Hills Shopping Centre is the next centre to be considered for improvements.

These improvements are intended to enhance the shopping centre’s appearance and character, and create a safe, functional and pedestrian‐friendly environment.

In turn, the local economy will benefit as more shoppers visit the area.

The draft concept design aims to:

  • showcase the heritage character of Surrey Hills by using attractive and appropriate signage, materials, furniture and plants

  • increase pedestrian safety and amenity by creating raised pedestrian crossings at side streets

  • improve streetscape appearance and deter graffiti by potentially commissioning a mural for the Neighbourhood Centre

  • encourage longer visits to the area by revitalising the Neighbourhood Centre’s forecourt and potentially providing a public toilet at Croydon Road, subject to community feedback.

The Association's response to Council is shown below.

Surrey Hills Shopping Centre Improvement Plan Comments

Made on behalf of the Surrey Hills Progress Association Inc. (SHPA)

The basic plan has the support of the SHPA.

SHPA strongly supports provision of a public toilet in the Surrey Hills shopping precinct. Whilst our initial preferred site for the toilet was the station car park adjacent to the bike shed, we understand that there are a range of legal and practical issues that prohibit this. In the light of the limited availability of suitable sites, the SHPA supports the Croydon Road site adjacent to the Coles development, as noted on the draft streetscape design concept plan of April 2018. However, it is critical that the design of the toilet be respectful and responsive to the area’s heritage context.

The area under consideration for an upgrade is part of the heritage overlay HO 532 and the proposal must take into account the heritage nature and value of Union Road. SHPA has, over the past 8 years, undertaken a number of projects designed to enhance and emphasise the existing heritage and character. Any proposed changes must be in keeping with and augment the existing improvements.

Specifically in relation to the Surrey Hills Shopping Centre Improvement Plan proposal:-

1. It is critical that the design of the toilet be respectful and responsive to the area’s heritage context.

2. Any new fencing in the surrounds of the level crossing should be in simple white picketing to mirror the existing fencing.

3. Wayfinding signs in the Shopping Precinct should mirror the existing heritage style.

4. Any new murals should be in keeping with the existing heritage murals.

5. Consideration should be given, in keeping with the Design Intent of the Streetscape Design Concept Package to “increase pedestrian safety and comfort”, to the installation of a permanent 40Kph speed limit within the shopping precinct along Union Road, between Canterbury Road and Montrose Street.

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