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Design and Installation of further Heritage and Street Art Panels

A community strengthening grant has been awarded for the completion of the Union Road, Surrey Hills Heritage Project

Union Road Commercial Precinct is of local historical significance. It is a long-standing local commercial/retail shopping area in Surrey Hills. It is important for the local community to be aware of and be engaged in the heritage of Surrey Hills to strengthen community ties with the past and in the last 5 years the Association has been financing and promoting projects which advance and strengthen that heritage and neighbourhood character. This grant application seeks to complete the ongoing work already carried out, which lays the foundation of possible heritage walks around Union Road. The funding is to be used for purchase and installation of 4 additional History Boards and 2 mural plaques for the existing street art.

Work has commenced in conjunction with the Surrey Hills Historical Society to select suitable sites and suitable artwork for the boards and to gain permission for their erection on private property

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