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3 Norfolk Road- Objection to a planning application and appeal to VCAT.

An application for a planning permit to construct a multistorey mixed use apartment building at 3 Norfolk Road has been lodged with Boroondara Council.

It is a difficult block to develop and includes

  • 5 storey development with setbacks on 4th & 5th storeys and one retail premises on the ground floor

  • 16.6m at highest point

  • Essentially a square box on the block covering most of the site

  • Configuration: 1 x 1BR; 3 x 2BRs; 15 x 3BRs.

There are a number of issues in relation to the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

Council has noted the following ‘merit issues’:

  • Significantly it exceeds the preferred height level of 11 m

  • Adverse impact on public realm and the heritage overlay both in relation to land abutting (Surrey Gardens) and over the road (the Armenian Church and the heritage overlay HO670)

  • Majority of the apartments are south facing abutting Surrey Gardens – this is poor from an energy efficiency standpoint & internal light amenity

  • Harsh & overwhelming interface with the park

  • Excessive brutalist bulk

  • Overuse of concrete as a finish which adds to the appearance of bulk

The Association lodged a strong objection with Council regarding this development. The Boroondara Council subsequently refused to grant a permit on five basic grounds. This refusal was appealed to VCAT by the developer. The Association will present details of our objections to VCAT at the hearing on the 8th August 2018.

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