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The West of Elgar Residents Association Inc. (WERA) was recognised as a strong, professional and active voice of the residents in the area of Surrey Hills and Mont Albert in the City of Whitehorse. In 2017 the WERA group was disbanded. At a time when there is significant pressure on Government to increase the density of residential zoned land close to the City of Melbourne, active residents associations are necessary to ensure the protection of neighbourhood and heritage character of Surrey Hills. After discussions with the President of WERA, Geoff White, the Surrey Hills Progress Association has agreed to extend its sphere of operation to cover all of Surrey Hills and Mont Albert within the 3127 postcode.

Geoff has also agreed to join the SHPA committee and to act as the link to past members of WERA and the Whitehorse Council. The uptake of ex WERA members has to date been slow.

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